Prince Charles has taken his fight to save the rainforests to the internet, calling on MySpace users to help protect the world\’s dwindling natural treasures.


In a 90-second film shown on the web, the prince stars alongside the Dalai Lama, football legend Pele, and a computer-generated frog to urge action against deforestation.

Prince Charles\’ two sons, William and Harry, comedian Robin Williams, actors Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, and singer Joss Stone also feature in the film, part of a new campaign from the Prince\’s Rainforest Project.

Charles, the heir to the British throne, is thought to be the first senior royal to broadcast on a social networking website.

He asked viewers to join him in creating an online community in support of the Earth\’s rainforests.

Online \’call to action\’ plea

“One of the Internet\’s strengths is that it can enable diverse communities to come together to ensure that everybody\’s views and actions can really be made to count,” he said in a webcast to launch the video.

“Your collective support is needed now in the urgent fight against climate change and in saving the Earth\’s most precious and valuable resources: tropical rainforests.

“Our aim, with your help, is to build an online community to call, from the bottom up, for urgent action to protect the rainforests, without which we will most certainly lose the battle against catastrophic climate change.”

The campaign has developed accompanying software allowing supporters to create their version of the film, and appear alongside the stars and the frog.

Speaking during a live podcast from London on Tuesday evening, Prince Charles joked that he was “aware princes and frogs have a long association”.

\’Time running out\’ for forests

“However, our frog has come to symbolize something new… a symbol of action… saving the rainforest can help save us all before it really is too late.”

Prince Charles told Italian MPs in Rome last week that time is quickly running out in the battle against global warming, and history will judge the world\’s response to the crisis.

Speaking in parliament\’s elegant Sala della Lupa, the prince said only 98 months remained before experts predict irreversible effects of greenhouse gas emissions, and “the clock is ticking away inexorably”.

While in Italy, the 60-year-old heir to the British throne appealed for “inspired leadership” in the lead-up to United Nations climate change talks to

be held in Copenhagen in December.

The Prince\’s Rainforest Project was set up in 2007 to promote awareness of the need to tackle tropical deforestation, a cause of climate change.