An Oregon City, Oregon, man found himself out of luck on Friday – first he lost his job, then he returned home to find his house on fire.


But Victor Gonzalez – who ironically worked as emergency counsellor, helping people deal with just such traumatic events as fires – said there was a silver lining to getting fired Friday.

“If I hadn’t gotten fired from work, I wouldn’t have come home, and I don’t know how far the fire would’ve gotten. So I guess that’s a good thing,” Gonazalez said.

The total time to elapse for the single father to lose his job and return home to find the blaze was just two hours.

The fire broke out just after 9am. at the house on Canyon Ridge Drive. Fortunately, everyone got out safely, thanks in part to Gonzalez\’s 12-year-old daughter.

He said he knew everything would be ok with his daughter there to help out.

Gonzalez said his past work with emergency situations is helping him to deal with the situation.

“You can choose to laugh or you can choose to cry and I’m choosing to laugh because I don’t want to know what’s going to happen if I cry,” he said.

Now half of his roof is gone, his top floor is charred and firefighters soaked every inch of his house. Gonzalez isn’t sure what his insurance will cover or if the house can even be repaired.

Gonzalez said the events of the morning had started at about 7am when he started a fire in his wood stove to keep his two daughters and niece cozy. He was called into work unexpectedly, but then was told he was let go. When he returned home, he saw smoke on the roof.

Fire investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire, but they believe it may have started from embers coming out of the wood stove chimney.