Englishman Dan Magness has a huge challenge on his hands – he\’s attempting to break the world record for the longest time juggling a football.


The 25 year-old Englishman will attempt to keep a ball in the air for 24 hours. If he exceeds 19.5 hours he will break the previous record set by Brazilian Martinho Eduardo Orige in 2003.

Spectators are mesmerised by Magness as he goes for the record which he has dreamed about since he was crowned United Kingdom “keepy uppy” champion.

\’Confident about attempt\’

“When I was 17, I manage to do 13.5 hours. People said – ah, that\’s brilliant. I had heard the record was 19.5 hours. So I pushed it a little bit harder in beat that. So, that has been something I always wanted to do. Now I set my target at 24 hours. So, we should see if I can do it but I am pretty confident about it” he said.

Considered one of the world\’s top football freestylers, Magness is being encouraged by former professional John Scales, who knows a trick or two about football after playing for Tottenham, Liverpool and three times for England.

“You see how hard I make it. He makes it look incredibly easy but I mean that\’s taken… I know he started when he was eight or nine keeping the football up.

“And he has juggling and freestyling and developed to the state now where actually feels confident to attempt a world record of this stature. Keeping the ball for 24 hours is not just the technical side — it\’s the mental side of it,” the 42 year-old Scales said.

Rigorous training regime

Magness went through a strict six-week Olympian-style training regime, losing almost 20 kilos in weight as part of his preparation.

The rules set by Guinness World Record dictate that the ball must be in constant motion and not touch the floor, hands or arms. However, the juggler will be allowed to have a five-minute break every hour in his special designed rest room equipped with a massage bed and a toilet.

The “Ginger Freestyler”, who has performed at half-time during matches, has tricks that most superstars only dream of.

“There is not too many footballers who can do that amount of time but obviously they are brilliant at playing football, I am good at freestyle, so it\’s different, it\’s a completely different thing,” he said.

\’Very difficult record\’

Magness, who did not make the grade as a professional footballer, added he felt at ease when his skills where compared to some of the top players in the game.

The official Guinness World Record title is called the “longest time to control a football”” and Italian Lucia Sinigagliesi was specially sent to Convent Garden to follow Magness\’ attempt.

“We monitor all sorts of different records. This is I can say is a very difficult record to break. It requires a lot of physical preparation, a lot of skills and it is not an easy one,” she said.