An Energy Australia spokesperson contacted SBS World News Australia indicating that the power had been restored shortly after 11am.


“We know it was caused by a cable fault, however we\’re not sure where the incident occured”, an Energy Australia spokesperson told SBS News.

“Power has been restored across the CBD and crews are now investigating the situation”.

Shortly after 10:15am AEDT, reports from city workers via the social networking site Twitter suggest the outage has struck the northern end of the city and The Rocks district.

However the outage appeared to be far more limited in scope than the outage in late March that plunged about 70,000 homes and businesses into darkness, causing traffic chaos and closing the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.

Even guests at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week were effected by the blackout, with the power outages effecting the Zimmerman show.

“Blackout over. Although I miss Zimmermann (sic) due to schedule! Damn you Sydney powergrid!”, says Stephkedwell via Twitter.

Meanwhile Kyliespeer tweeted a sigh of relief after getting through the ordeal.

“Thankfully I was one of the lucky ones to NOT be stuck in a lift for 45 minutes”, she says.

Earlier in the morning, Police Media spokeswoman Joanna Elias said rescue teams were responding to a number of calls from up to four groups of people trapped in lifts.

“At this point we\’re not entirely sure of the extent [of the blackout], however we know its the northern part of the city\’s CBD,” she said.

“We\’re conducting point duty on a number of intersections around the CBD however officers are mainly around the northern part”

“City Central and the Rocks Police have been responding to calls”