EnergyAustralia has apologised for another blackout in Sydney\’s CBD on Tuesday, but says the city is vulnerable to similar outages in the coming months.


For the third time in less than a month, parts of Sydney\’s CBD were without electricity after a cable fault on the city\’s main supply line.

Hundreds of office workers were evacuated, while others were stuck in lifts and 31 sets of traffic lights were blacked out.

Fashion show effected

At Circular Quay, the 30-minute outage plunged the catwalk of Australian Fashion Week into darkness.

EnergyAustralia spokesman George Maltavarow said the outage had affected around 30,000 customers, and apologised for the disruption.

“We understand that these interruptions are very disruptive. We understand that and we regret it,” Mr Maltavarow told reporters.

“I apologise to anyone that was involved in this.”

Mr Maltavarow said EnergyAustralia already had equipment on order from the United States to better protect Sydney\’s power supply, but until then the CBD was vulnerable to similar outages.

“The equipment is state of the art and will be set up in the next couple of months,” he said.

\’Bear with us\’

“I\’m asking our customers to bear with us.”

The outage had been caused by workers not connected with EnergyAustralia digging near the North Sydney substation – the same cause as the city\’s previous blackouts, he said.

“(It is) another situation where external contractors have dug into our cable and damaged it,” Mr Maltavarow said.

“The common link is the protection operated in a way that is more conservative than it should be (shutting down parts of the network which should have been unaffected).”