The agreement, which was foreshadowed at the February meeting of the Council of Australian Governments, includes federal funding for 120 road and 26 rail projects over six years.


The key projects include the Pacific Highway, NSW, ($2.5 billion), the Bruce Highway, Queensland, ($2.2 billion) and Western Ring Road, Victoria ($900 million). “We are spending more on rail in 18 months than the previous government spent in 12 years,” Federal Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese told the Nine Network on Sunday. Albanese and Turnbull in public battle Meanwhile, Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese and federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull have had a public war of words at the announcement of funding for a Sydney sports oval. Mr Albanese poked fun at Mr Turnbull for coming to the announcement of federal funding to upgrade Waverley Park, in Sydney\’s eastern suburbs, under the Community Infrastructure Program, which the opposition voted against. Mr Albanese announced that the Rudd government would offer $2 million towards the $7.5 million Waverley Park Pavilion, in Sydney\’s east. As part of the government\’s Community Infrastructure Program, the funding will help provide new seating and a multi-purpose indoor sports court. Waverley Park is in Mr Turnbull\’s electorate and he appeared at the launch on Sunday. When asked by reporters if he had earlier called Mr Turnbull a hypocrite for showing his support for the local funding, Mr Albanese said: “Certainly”. “There\’s no doubt that if you\’re prepared to be bold enough to front up to the launch of a project which you voted against, then good luck to you. “And Mr Turnbull has done just that. But we\’ll be, certainly, reminding communities where these projects are being launched of the opposition\’s actions in opposing the government\’s Community Infrastructure Program.”