A second Australian has tested positive for the potentially deadly swine flu virus in London.


The 29-year-old Sydney builder, who moved to the UK from Australia less than a month ago and doesn\’t want to be named, has been told to stay home and avoid contact with others, ABC reports.

He had been in Mexico for a wedding and arrived back in the UK last Sunday. One of his travel partners, 29-year-old journalist Kate Corbett from Mosman has tested positive for influenza A and British health authorities say she\’s in the probable category for swine flu.

Earlier, fellow Sydney man Mark Robertson, who is also living in London, was told he had the virus.

The 23-year-old marketing manager from Coogee has spent the past five days behind closed doors in a second-floor flat in Islington, in North London, with two friends who are not infected but have also been quarantined as a precaution, Fairfax reports.

Two had travelled to Mexico

He\’d spent four months trekking through the jungles of Central and South America and two weeks “chilling on the beach” at Puerto Escondido on Mexico\’s west coast.

He\’s been told by doctors it could be six more days before he\’s allowed contact with anyone other than his housemates.

Both men are taking the anti-viral medication Tamiflu and are said to be feeling better.

The results meant two of the three cases diagnosed in London are Australian.

Australia still remains swine flu free this morning but Hong Kong reported overnight its first confirmed case of swine flu and France has also confirmed two cases.